JARVIS: Automatic Knowledge Curation

JARVIS is a blockchain network for Mining Intelligence and running Intelligent Contracts.




Unified Model Zoo

Common Sense Graph

Smart Devices

Intelligent Contract
Jarvis invents Intelligent Contract to address the limitation of EVM Smart Contract and to enable the development of smart applications.
Proof of Intelligence
Instead of wasting valuable computing power on consensus through Proof-of-Work (PoW), computation providers are solving valuable AI jobs through what we call Proof-of-Intelligence (PoI).

What does JARVIS do?

Unified Model Zoo
Common Sense Graph
Common senses are fundamental to any artificial intelligence. Through automatic knowledge curation process, JARVIS also creates a common sense graph, which is represented as a combination of linguistic corpus and fuzzy logic rules, for developer to build higher-level intelligence on. Further rules can be defined in Intelligent Contract based on the Common Senses Graph to enable smart decision making within the contract.
Unified Model Zoo
Unified Model Zoo
JARVIS is designed to recognize physical objects and perceive contextual states and generate neural network models automatically to build a Unified Model Zoo for any pattern recognition task. Developer can define Intelligent Contract and leverage the Unified Model Zoo to build autonomous agent with cognitive intelligence running on blockchain.

Redesign Virtual Machine and Programming Language for AI


Odin Virtual Machine (OVM) is the next generation blockchain VM that empowers any decentralized application based on Intelligent Contract.

Pluggable Consensus Engine is designed and adopted in OVM which allows different consensus mechanisms (eg. DPoS or DAG based PBFT algorithms) to be used for different types of replicated states.

THOR is a contract-oriented, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language to ease the development of decentralized AI applications and make intelligent contract simple, clean, and intuitive.