The Decentralized AI Platform

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The Convergence of AI and Blockchain

JARVIS, the first decentralized AI platform backed by blockchain technology, gives the power of AI back to the people. With JARVIS, we collectively explore and build decentralized cognitive intelligence and define boundaries and rules for Artificial Intelligence that is ethical, moral and beneficial for mankind.


Give AI Power to the People

Most AI development today is made by large companies that are immensely resourceful. JARVIS lowers the entry barrier for all AI developers, knowledge curators, app developers, and computation providers, bringing the value of AI to more people in more ways.

Decentralized AI Marketplace

Combining AI with blockchain technology, JARVIS creates a viable decentralized AI marketplace that incentivizes different types of stakeholders.

GPU Miner
Provide computation power to train AI models and serve AI requests on JARVIS
Knowledge Curator
Curate data as well as insights to support AI model training collectively
Machine Learning Developer
Train and deploy novel machine learning algorithms
App Developer
Leverage JARVIS to enable AI-powered applications.

JAR: The AI Token

JAR is the utility token that is designed to incentivize participants in the JARVIS network to create self-sustaining momentum for the decentralized AI ecosystem. JAR is imperative to JARVIS’ economic model and is used to facilitate the creation, distribution, and consumption of curated machine intelligence.

Use Case

The potential applications on JARVIS are countless. The only limit is your imagination.

Video Analytics
Analyze any WebRTC video stream for insights, backed by a plethora of curated machine learning models in the JARVIS network.
Smarter IoT
With turn-key solutions to turn Internet of Things into Intelligence of Things, JARVIS makes AI ubiquitous in our daily life.
Medical Imaging
Assist radiologists and medical practitioners to generate more accurate and more efficient diagnostics while protecting patient privacy.
Smarter User Interface
Robust and intelligent User Interphase that accelerate the innovation and value creation of future technology applications.